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Simple and common food of Bangladesh which are essential .

This is my food blog where I described very simple and common food of Bangladesh.Which are cheaptaste-full and available in the country.

Common food is such kinds of food which are available and popular with the people of Bangladesh. Such as rice and flat breads, chicken, beef, fish or mutton, as well as dal (a spicy lentil soup) and vegetables are a very common food here. Some food items are popular across entire Bangladesh, while some are regional favorites. In the Northern area, the use of freshwater fish is huge. This region is also famous for its sweets. In the Southern area Salt water fish are commonly found .

 List of  common food in Bangladesh :

1.Dish made of mashed potato :

Common curry
Common curry

:  Very simple and common in Bangladesh Potatoes contain huge potassium . Aside from their appetizing texture and incredible versatility, this popular crop has no cholesterol, fat and sodium and is only 110 calories - perfect for dieters and heavy eaters alike. It is also an excellent source of Vitamins B6 and C, fiber and magnesium, as well as antioxidants .

2..Curry: Ilish (Hilsha fish) , coconut, mustard, steamed :

Favorite  dish

3.  Dry fish curry with Khichuri rice:

4. Fish fry ( Hilsha) :

5. Polao rice  ঃ

6. Prawn curry  :

7. Egg curry
 8. Fermented rice, yogurt, salt and seasonings
 9. Special local variety of rice
 10.Deep fried flat bread made from maida
 11. Curry prepared with fish and various spices :


 12. Dessert: curd, sugar syrup and /or jaggery
13. Rice  :

Nasi putih cooked rice.JPG

Rice is the first priority among the common food to the people of Bangladesh.  It's  staple meals, or just the staple, is really a meals that's consumed regularly as well as such amounts it is really a dominating part of a typical diet plan for any provided individuals, delivering a sizable small fraction of one's requirements as well as usually developing a substantial percentage associated with the consumption of additional nutrition too. The actual staple meals of the particular culture might be consumed as frequently because every single day or even each and every dinner, and many individuals survive dieting depending on simply a small amount of staples.

 14.  Ruti ( flatbread ) :

  Ruti is second ideal food for the people of Bangladesh . Ruti comes from wheat . Wheat grow well in Bangladesh .
  This is a plain roti, made of white flour. Because it is the simplest roti to make, it is the most commonly consumed roti in Bangladesh. It is a popular breakfast option in Bangladesh and enjoyed in combination with various curried meat and vegetable dishes. This type of roti is a staple carbohydrate consumed for both breakfast and dinner by Bangladesh .It is also a common food .

15.  Panta Bhat or slightly fermented rice  :


Panta bhat

Panta bhat is especially popular among the poor villagers . It is usually served as
breakfast.Panta bhat is also popular among slum-dwellers of Dhaka because
 it can be easily eaten only with salt or with an onion or a fried or green
 chili, without any other requirement.In the Bangali Pohela Boishake or Bangla
happy new year all level of people having Panta Bhat for their nostaljia and enjoy
Pohela Boishake .
 16. Different green or other vegetables :


 Above listing food are the common in Bangladesh . The people here like these food very much. In Bangladeshi cuisine a common verity of spices are used there . The common ones being turmeric, cumin, coriander, wild celery seeds, black onion seeds, dried purple chilli, bay leaves, two mustard oil, poppyseed, fenugreek, fennel, (onion, ginger, ripe coconut two and a combination of five spices referred to as panch phoron which contain of kalo jeera, cumin, black mustard seeds, fenugreek two and fennel. Phoron that is frying the spices singly or in mixtures both at the commencing of getting ready a recipe or including later to it plays a dominant position in Bengali cooking style. Use of complete black mustard seeds both as phoron or as a paste in unique cuisines are additionally very plenty in league with Bengali dishes. Kashundi, a one of a kind sauce prepared out of mustard paste is savoured with Shak served with boiled rice and with special other fried objects like fish fry.

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